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This year's first masquerade in honor of the 49th Mimosa Festival, organized by the mayor's office of Herceg Novi and JUK Herceg fest, took place in the crowded hall of the Institute "Doctor Simo Milosevic", which is located in Igalo, Montenegro. As always, the masquerade was accompanied by a bright and lively atmosphere, unusual carnival costumes, fun, dancing and a wonderful mood of all participants and guests.

It all started with the performance of the city music and the majorettes parade (girls in uniform), which featured the next exciting multi-day theatrical festival in Montenegro. Then the institute building was filled with hundreds of people in various carnival masks and bright costumes, thus creating an unforgettable and unique atmosphere of the holiday.

In the finale of the masquerade, the audience chose the best masks and costumes in their opinion. The first place (162 votes) and the award of 1000 euros was awarded to the trio of fancy dresses "Import of Palm", representing a healthy and infected palm tree, as well as a pest beetle. Second place, with a difference of only five votes, and a prize of 700 euros received the mask "Beauty and the Beast", and the third place and a prize of 500 euros won the carnival costume "Rest in Peace, Playboy". Cash prizes were provided by the organizers of the 49th Mimoza Festival, as well as the best costumes received various awards given by sponsors - the restaurant Olympia (Kumbor), Trebiesha (Nikshich) and July 13 Plantage (Podgorica).

At the end of the Mimosa Festival, also at the Institute of Doctor Simo Milosevic, the final masquerade will take place, at which the musical groups Toć and Exodus will perform.

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