The record amount of water in the Niagara Falls, takes the breath away...

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Because of the torrential rains that have been in the central part of Montenegro for the past two days, the river Cievna has overflowed, and its raging and swift streams of water, passing through the famous landmark of Podgorica - Niagara Falls, delight all spectators.

Despite the fact that this year the Niagara Fall was dry before the usual, these two rainy days again filled it with water and it appeared before the residents and guests of Montenegro in its former beautiful and fascinating appearance, as evidenced by various interesting photographs from this place. The water level in the river Tsievna and, accordingly, in the Niagara Falls usually begins to decline in early summer and by August it almost completely dries up. However, the tropical heat that prevails in Montenegro this year, did its job and many rivers and waterfalls dried up at the end of July.
The Niagara Falls in Montenegro
The Niagara Fall is located 4 km from the capital of Montenegro - the city of Podgorica. This tourist place is visited annually by several thousand people. It was built more than 150 years ago, with the aim of launching a water mill for grinding grain.

Note that the rain that fell on the weekend in Podgorica also affected the water level in the river Moraca, which on Saturday was 949 centimeters, which is 683 cm more than on Friday, when it was only 266 cm. In saturday the water level in the river was close to the absolute record - 1226 cm. (!!!), registered in Montenegro on November 17, 1979. On Saturday, the Moracha river flooded the Skilin bridge, but by the evening the water had receded.

Despite the weather, we recommend in the near future to visit the Niagara Falls and see all the beauty and power of wildlife, which takes the breath away...

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