The number of owls are counted in three regions of Montenegro

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From 16 to 18 February, the Montenegrin Center for the Protection of Birds organizes a campaign to count the number of owls in three regions of Montenegro. This voluntary action, called Night of the owl, will be organized on the Pashtrovac Mountains and the slopes of the Lovcen mountain range, in the canyon of the Moraca River and in the valley of the Lim River.

"The methodology of the inventory of a large owl in Montenegro has its limitations - one person can cover only one place during the day.This is why we need to collect as many people as possible in order to obtain in a short time more accurate data on the number of owls living in Montenegro It should be noted that if 30 people cover 30 points on one day, this will replace 30 days of work by one researcher, which is why every person's participation in this action in counting the number of owls in Montenegro is extremely important for us", said the representatives of the Center for the Protection of Birds of Montenegro.

Last year, owls were counted for the first time in such regions of Montenegro as Mount Rumia, Canyon of the Cievna River and Sutorina. Over three nights, with the help of 57 volunteers, 35 polling stations were identified, where 19 filaments were found. "This year we plan to survey 20 places every night, and on Saturday - 40!", Said at the Center for Bird Protection.

To participate in the action "Night of the owl" it is necessary to register here

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