30 drivers are fined for improper parking on the quay in Herceg Novi

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30 drivers were fined for improper parking on the Pet Danica quay and the Nikola Kovacevic coast in the town of Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Each of the violators has to pay a fine of 50 euros.

The head of the Communal Police Service and Supervision Inspection, Maria Andric, said that the situation with the illegal parking of vehicles on the waterfront of Herceg Novi is much better now, but work in this direction is almost every day.

"Some citizens are unhappy with our actions, but the city's leadership is determined to finally put things in order on the coast and on the main embankment of Herceg Novi. We do not have privileged people - we write out fines to everyone without exception and urge residents and visitors of the city to refrain from driving and parking of transport funds on the embankment, as well as monitor compliance with traffic rules in Montenegro, "said M.Andric.

From the Department of Communal Police and Inspection Supervision of Herceg Novi, it was noted that, in accordance with the Decision on Traffic Regulation, owners of local shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as other individuals or entities that have an office or work within the zone special regime, can get permission to enter and park their vehicles on the embankment in the Ministry of Public Utilities, Ecology and Energy Efficiency.

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