Cracks on the main road in Budva are getting bigger

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The potholes in the Mediterranean street in the resort town of Budva have got bigger and deeper, so vehicles can still not drive along the main road of the tourist megacity.

At the moment, specialists, experts and engineers from Podgorica are expected to arrive to determine what caused the soil subsidence and the fracture of the asphalt on the main city street of Budva.

"The investigation of this incident has already begun and now we are making every effort to find out why the main street in Budva has cracked and in the shortest time to eliminate this problem." We invited various experts in civil engineering and specialists from the construction inspection. because we first need to understand whether there is any threat to the streets and nearby objects.We need to be extremely cautious, because next to it is also a kindergarten, "said the mayor of the city Budva, Dragan Krapovich.

Answering the question whether Porto Budva has a license to perform construction work, Krapovich said that permission to build a residential complex near the road was issued before they came to power. He also said that for many years the city authorities had warned against the impossibility of building any buildings in the area.

It is worth noting that the cracks are located on the carriageway in several places and have different sizes. One of the cracks, 5 cm wide and about 30 meters long, is very dangerous, since further subsidence of the soil and asphalt collapse are possible. Currently, all vehicles are redirected to the embankment, where the road from the park to the Old Town of Budva is open. At the time of stopping traffic on Mediteranskaya street, the bus station for public urban and suburban transport will be located near the Red Building.

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