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At the moment, there are a lot of different fruits and vegetables on the Montenegrin food markets, but, nevertheless, the daily turnover has significantly decreased due to high prices. The owners of retail outlets claim that the prices for products are dictated by the situation on the market.

"We have goods, but many people cannot afford to buy it for the price offered, and now you can hardly find a buyer with overcrowded bags on the market." It all boils down to buying the most basic foodstuffs.The low purchasing power has done its job, food markets have not any more crowds of buyers, and in this situation, in many ways, there is both the authorities' of Montenegro and megamarkets' fault,"sellers complain in the Montenegrin "green" markets.

At the same time, the customers themselves are also unhappy, who claim that many vegetables, fruits, food and other goods have risen in price. "It's very expensive, people simply do not have money, for example, a kilogram of cucumbers costs 2.5 euros !!! Therefore, many people buy only what is really needed," said one of the dissatisfied customers.

Indeed, the prices for vegetables and fruits in Montenegro are quite high. A kilogram of green salad costs 3 euros, a kilo of spinach - 50 cents, black onions cost from 80 cents to 1 euro. Carrots cost from 1 to 1.5 euros per kilogram, and for a bunch of garlic have to pay as much as four euros. The price of potatoes per kilogram is from 40 cents to one euro, eggplants - from 1 to 2 euros, pepper - two euros, cabbage - from 80 cents to 1 euro. Bananas and lemons in the Montenegrin market cost from one to two and a half euros per kilogram.

Also, in Montenegro the cost of some food products has also increased. One euro costs five eggs, milk - 1 euro, cheese - four to five euros per kilogram. Marinated olives are sold at a price of four to five euros per kilogram. The price of goat cheese varies from 6 to 7 euros per kilogram, and a liter of olive oil costs up to 12 euros, as well as a kilogram of honey.

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