Parent Support Service in Montenegro: 332 calls for the first year of work

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During the first year of work, the telephone service of the Parents Support Service received 332 calls from local residents, most of which were associated with various tips for the care and upbringing of children, the Association of Montenegrin Parents said in a statement.

It is worth noting that this month the Association of Parents of Montenegro marks the first year of the Parental Support Line - a free, confidential and reliable service for parents, which is available on weekdays from 4 to 8 pm hours at the toll free number 080 888 888.

"During the first year of operation, the specialists of the Support Service answered 332 phone calls, among which most were different types of consultations, while the least was related to obtaining information about other institutions. In total, last year, the Association was directly contacted 1427 parents for advice, support and receipt of various information", according to the Association of Montenegrin parents.

The most common themes of the parents' appeals were: the use of new technologies in the upbringing of children, hooliganism, school problems, the relationship between brothers and sisters, developmental stages and problems of child development, illness and dependence, sexuality, divorce, how to talk with adolescents, refusal of diapers, physical punishment, death in the family ...

Calling a free Parental Support Service or sending a message to the e-mail address, parents have the opportunity to talk about their problems or difficult situations with their children, and can be sure that they will certainly be listened to, will help to look at the problem with another parties, to realize the current situation and, during the conversation, will come to understand about a possible solution.

This SOS line for Montenegro's parents was supported by many major Montenegrin cellular operators (Telekom, Telenor, M: Tel, Telemah) for the next year and will continue to be completely free and equally accessible to all parents in Montenegro.

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