The first fire-fighting vessel was launched in the Bay of Kotor

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In Montenegro, the first fire-fighting vessel was built and launched, which will run in the Bay of Kotor, serve the yacht berth in the Porto Montenegro area, and also have a protective and rescue function in the municipality of the city of Tivat.

The 9.79 meter fire boat was built in accordance with the conceptual design of Navar Incorporated Tivat and, thanks to the financial support of Porto Montenegro, after a few months of intensive work is ready for maritime activities and service in the Bay of Kotor.

"According to the project, this fire-fighting vessel is equipped with two Yanmar engines, 125 hp. and can reach speeds of up to 20 knots. The vessel also has an additional engine with the same capacity as the MGS-P30ST pump with a capacity of 3000 liters / min. and a pressure of 10 bar, from which two hoses emerge, with a capacity of 1200 liters per minute, one of which watered with water and the other with a combination of water and fire foam. The height of the jet from the fire hoses can reach up to 80 meters, which is sufficient to cover the fire at a distance of up to 250 meters, "reported from Porto Montenegro.

In addition to eliminating local fires on board ships in the Boka-Kotorska Bay, this fire fighting vessel, as the only one in Montenegro, will in practice be able to take an active part in extinguishing fires on land when it comes to coastal houses or islands located in the bays of Montenegro or Adriatic Sea.

"In addition to fire fighting equipment and first aid, on this boat there are stretchers, winches and cranes for rescuing people, pulling objects out of the sea, and also their safe transportation, so that a quick and effective solution of all possible accidents and accidents on water is possible", noted representatives of Porto Montenegro.

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