Tunnel on the road Bar-Boljare to be completed by the end of the month

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As of the first week of February, ground and preparatory work in tunnels with a total length of 26.2 kilometers was completed on the Bar-Boljare road. This is 75 percent of the total length of all tunnels located in the priority section of the road Smokovac-Uvac-Mateshevo, which is being built by the Chinese company China Road and Bridge Construction (CRBC).

According to the Ministry of Transport and Marine Affairs of Montenegro, work on tunnel construction was conducted in January, although, due to New Year holidays and unfavorable weather conditions, their intensity was lower.

"At the moment, out of the planned 16, the construction of four tunnels (Jabučki krš, Klopot, Vilac and Mrke) has already been completed, and in February construction works are expected to be completed in the fifth tunnel, the Mala trava, a total length 3727 meters The tunnel is located in the third section, not far from Verusa, "the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro said in a statement.

Bad weather conditions that have been observed in Montenegro since the beginning of the year have also had a negative impact on the intensity of construction of bridges and open sections of the road. Despite this, it is expected that soon the installation of the span sections of the Maurica Bridge, the most complex and demanding facility on the priority section of the Bar Bolare highway, will begin. Recall that at the end of October last year, the filling of five pillars for the Morachić Bridge, whose height reaches 180 meters, was completed.

It should be noted that on the highway, which is 41 km length, it is planned to build 20 bridges with a total length of 6122 km without connecting ramps, hinges and overpasses. At present, various construction works with different intensity are performed on 15 bridges.

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