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Since the beginning of January this year, an expert group of restorers from the Center for Archeology of Montenegro is working on the implementation of preventive measures on the archaeological excavations of the ancient Roman city of Duklja.

Preventive works are carried out in the western part of the ancient city, at a newly opened villa, which was destroyed during the construction of the railway. According to archaeological "mobile" finds (fragments of amphorae, glassware and glassware), this building was built around the 4th century AD. and at the moment is the only recently opened luxury building on the territory of Duklja from this historical period.

The implementation of measures to preserve these historical monuments will continue for two months and will be based on previous archaeological and environmental studies conducted in 2017 and funded by the Ministry of Culture under the Program for the Preservation and Protection of Cultural Property in Montenegro. Within the framework of this project, specialists of the Center for Archeology are engaged in the protection of architectural monuments of Montenegro, as well as working on the restoration of historical buildings or objects of cultural heritage.

The ancient Roman city of Duklja (Dioklei) is located near Podgorica and is one of the most important historical monuments in Montenegro. The city was built during the reign of the Roman Empire, in the 1st century AD, on an elevated plateau with a stunning view of the confluence of the Zeta and Moraca rivers. During the Roman rule, Duklja was one of the largest urban centers in the province of Dalmatia, and later the province of Prevalis.

Archaeological research and excavations in this area have a long tradition in the archaeological science of Montenegro. They began at the end of the XIX century, then were interrupted, resumed in the XX century, and in the 21st century, emphasis was placed on systematic studies of the Capitol temple.

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