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This year, the 49th Mimoza Festival, taking place in the town of Herceg Novi (Montenegro), will be completed on Sunday, 25 February, with the traditional festive Carnival and the concert of the Belgrade pop rock band Van Gogh.

The festive carnival procession will begin at 7:00 pm on the main square in Igalo and, led by majorettes and musicians who will play trombones in the city music of Herceg Novi and national melodies, will pass through the streets of the city. It should be noted that this is the largest of the three carnival parades that will be held this year in Montenegro.

All the carnival groups, including five very famous foreign collectives with real masquerade costumes from Rijeka, Shapts, Strumice, Pancheva and Vishkov, led by the famous Khalubaian bell-ringer (one of the most important attractions of the carnival in Rijeka) will be presented at the Nikola Square Jurkovich in the city of Herceg Novi.

After the carnival parade, a kind of festive theatrical action will take place under the title "People's Trial over the Red Beetle", in which the actors of the theater of the city of Herceg Novi will take part: Goran Slavic, Lidia Petrona, Daniel Femich and Sasha Vidic, directed by Dragan Vlaovich. The author of the text of this carnival "trial" is the young playwright and screenwriter George Stanojlovic from Herceg Novi.

"The court, which, according to tradition, goes after the carnival parade, in itself is just a farce and an ordinary game.The verdict is always the same - the punishment of the guilty person, whose image represents all the troubles, hardships and problems in society over the past year," said D Stanoylovich. He also noted that regardless of the fact that the verdict is known in advance, writing a script for a carnival trial is always very interesting and fun.

After the announcement of the verdict, at 9:00 pm on Nikola Djurkovich Square in Herceg Novi the concert of the famous Belgrade pop rock band Van Gogh will start, which was founded in 1986 and reached the peak of popularity in the 1990s. Thus, the 49th Mimosa Festival will be closed.

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