The traffic on the Mediterranean street in Budva is revived

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The traffic along the Mediterranean (Medetran) street in Budva has been revived for cars, vans and other vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, the local government of Budva reported.

"The Secretariat for Housing in Montenegro has decided that on the Mediterranean road, on the road from S16-16 to the intersection with the street on July 13 (next to the NLB Bank), a one-way traffic will be organized in the direction of Old Town Budva for passenger cars and wagons with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, "the statement said. It was also noted that a suspension of traffic for buses and trucks remains in effect in this section of the road.

"The section of the roadway of the Medeturan street, which is located near the construction site" Porto Budva ", will remain closed for the traffic of any motor vehicles. We encourage all drivers to follow the road signs placed on this section of the road in accordance with the Temporary Traffic Management Project, repair of the Mediterranean street," - said representatives of the municipality of Budva. In addition, they urged all participants in the movement to exercise special care on the Budva embankment from Milo Milunovića Street to Thessaloniki Street, where all vehicles are permitted, except for trucks and buses.

Recall that the Mediterranean street was closed on February 7 because of several wide and deep cracks formed on it. The mayor of the city of Budva, Dragan Krapovic, immediately gave the order to conduct a thorough investigation on this occasion. Experts from the faculty of civil engineering in Podgorica were involved in the investigation, who last week reported that it is possible to open a part of the road for the movement of light transport in one direction.

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