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At the 40th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, which took place from 22 to 25 February, Budva Tourism Organization (TO) successfully presented various proposals of the Budva Riviera.

That Budva participated in this tourism fair on its own, and on its stand, in addition to various brochures and booklets, presented their proposals to the hotels of Avala, Mediteran and Tatiana, as well as the Budva Aquapark. Also, the stand of the tourist organization was visited by the mayor of Budva, Dragan Krapovich, with his colleagues.

With the help of numerous meetings, a variety of promotional materials and a unique appearance of the representatives, various tourist offers of the city of Budva, various excursions and events in the Budva Riviera were presented at the exhibition, and arrangements were made for renting hotels and apartments for May Day holidays.

On the first day of the fair, the so-called Gastronomic Day, visitors could get acquainted with the dishes of the Budva region of Montenegro. Also on this day was organized a prize game - Wheel of Fortune, which attracted a huge number of visitors, and the winners received special gifts in accordance with the theme of the day. Numerous cafes and restaurants from Budva responded to the invitation of the Tourist Organization of Budva and contributed to the prize fund, offering as a prize for the winners a lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants: "Green Guy", "Vivaldi", "Obala", "Langoust" and "Porto".

On the second day of the fair, a meeting with partners, colleagues and mass media from Belgrade and Serbia was organized at 3:00 pm. It should be noted that many people came to this meeting and it was an excellent opportunity for representatives of the Budva, through meetings, interviews and statements, to establish friendly and business relations with partners from Serbia. On the second day, winners of the Fortune Wheel were given more interesting prizes: promotional materials from Budva, tickets to the water park, etc.

On the third day of the fair, the promotion of the Carnival of Budva was organized as the most significant cultural event that will take place before the beginning of the summer season. Representatives of the NGO "Feštađuni" invited all visitors to the tourism fair to come to Budva from May 1 to 3 and take part in the Grand Carnival procession. On this day, with the help of the Wheel of Fortune, another prize was played - a weekend for two during the Carnival in Budva.

During the tourism fair in Belgrade, a presentation of a unique project of great importance for all tourists in Budva was held. Geographic information system for the creation of tourist maps, presented by Academician Dragoljub Strbak from the Geographic Institute "Jovan Cvijić".

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