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During the weekend, the whole Balkan Peninsula was heavily snowed and, as a result, at the beginning of the week the whole of Montenegro was under snow... Snow fell in all major resort towns on the Montenegrin coast, from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi, as well as in the central and northern areas of Montenegro, from Cetinje to Plevlja. At the moment, in social networks and on the Internet you can find a lot of photos of the snow-capped cities of Montenegro.

In the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, four centimeters of snow fell (video), which, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, currently does not create any problems for drivers. The temperature in the city fell to zero degrees Celsius. As the authorities of Podgorica reported, since the morning all municipal services of the city have gone out to harvest snow and treat roads with salt and sand.
Snow in Podgorica, Montenegro
Snowfall also took place in the northern regions of Montenegro. Most snow, namely 113 centimeters, fell in Zabljak, in Kolasin, 30 cm of snow fell over these days, the snow cover in Cetinje is 25 cm, in Savnik 21 cm, in Rozaje and Andrijevice 16 cm, the city of Plav wasn't bypassed where 13 cm of snow fell, Ulcinj had a snow depth of 12 cm, in Beranje and Bijelo Polje - 10 cm, in Pluzhinje and Nikshic - 6 cm of snow. In Plelevia and Danilovgrad there is 4 cm of snow fell.

In addition, the snow was also on the coast of Montenegro, but, because of the temperature below zero and high humidity, almost immediately melted. Despite the fact that snow is a rare occurrence for the coast of Montenegro, in recent days snowfall has covered such large coastal cities of Montenegro as Budva, Sutomore, Kotor, Ulcinj and others. In the city of Bar, snow, carried by the wind from Mount Rumia and surrounding mountain peaks, fell almost all day.
Снег в Баре и Цетинье, Черногория
In the southernmost city on the Montenegrin coast, Ulcinj, the height of the snow cover was 2 centimeters. In addition to children, many residents and guests of this resort city were very happy with the snow, and the most extreme even skied on the popular with tourists, snow-covered Grand Beach (Velika Plaža), as evidenced by the video published in YouTube.
Снег на Большом пляже в Улцине, Черногория
During this week in the mainland of Montenegro, moderate and cloudy weather is expected, sometimes with snow, and on the coast there is wet snow and short rains. The wind is south-west and west from moderate to strong. In the coming days, the air temperature in the daytime in Montenegro will be in the region from -14 to -3 °C, and the highest daily temperature, depending on the area, will reach -7 to +6 degrees Celsius.

As reported by the meteorological service of Montenegro, during the following days it can snow again at some parts of the country. Perhaps nature will give inhabitants and guests of Montenegro one more unique chance to visit snow-capped Montenegrin beaches, as well as play snowballs or make a snowman on the Adriatic coast.
Снег в Будве, Черногория

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