Some roads in the north of Montenegro are closed due to cold and snow

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Due to the fallen snow and cold weather, the roads Niksic-Savnik-Zhabljak and Niksic-Pluzine located in the north of Montenegro are closed to cars with trailers, heavy vehicles and trucks, but are still open for traffic of small cars.

At the crossroads in the direction of the towns of Pluzine and Savnik, the patrol of the DPS is on duty for the third day and prevents the movement of all heavy vehicles in these directions. Due to the snowfall that has been going on in Montenegro in recent days, traffic on roads to these cities is still closed to cars with trailers and trucks.

At the moment, on the road to the city of Shavník, a site is quite complex for the movement of vehicles, which is located before and after the Vojnik tunnel. As many drivers have noted, the whole route, however, is maintained in good condition.

It is worth noting that the Montenegrin Rescue Service on the roads since Sunday is constantly running along the route from Nikshik to Shavnik. Nevertheless, all drivers are urged to arm themselves with patience and move along the snow-covered roads of Montenegro with extreme caution, adapting to difficult weather conditions.

Over the next few days, the temperature in the northern regions of Montenegro will be negative, and a new snowfall is possible, which will lead to a further ban on the movement of all types of heavy vehicles on these roads.

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