Automobile owner who damaged the land on the beach in the city of Sutomore is found

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The municipal police of Montenegrin city Bar identified the vehicle and found a drivet who drove five days ago to Strbine beach in Sutomore and damaged the land there.

"The municipal police of Bar, after having determined the fact of damage to the upper layer of soil by the private car on the territory of the beach belonging to the municipality of Bar, carried out intensive work to investigate this offense.In cooperation with local residents of the city of Sutomore, the police found undeniable evidence of this offense, Measures to catch and punish the guilty were one of the proofs of the infringement. Photographs on which the car was fixed to the crime scene the company LLC Eurokeš, which deals with cargo transportation in Montenegro", - said the representative of the municipal police, Stevo Pezhovic.

The owner of the car, who drove to the beach in Sutomore and mutilated him, was found and fined.

"The infringer will be served with a relevant court decision that obliges him to remove the damaged layer of land from the beach of Strbine, restore the initial state of the beach, and clean the shore from the garbage." The municipal police of Bar will continue to monitor public places, monitor the order and take the most stringent measures and actions against offenders, "S. Pezovic said.

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