Tourists from cruise ships will spend about 11 million euros in Montenegro

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It is expected that this year two Montenegrin ports, Kotor and Bar, will receive 431 cruise liners and other passenger ships with approximately 553,000 tourists.

If we take into account the fact that at least half of the cruise ship passengers decide to go ashore and get to know the resort towns of Montenegro in which they will spend an average of 40 euros, it means that the cities of Kotor and Bar, only thanks to cruise tourism, in 2018 they can earn more than 11 million euros.

The largest port centers of Montenegro last year achieved good results and, thanks to 439 cruise ships with more than 543,000 guests, earned about 10.86 million euros. In addition, the Tourist Organization (TO) Kotor reported that in 2017 430 cruisers entered the port with 532,387 passengers on board, but only half visited the Old Town of Kotor.

"Based on the data received for 2017, thanks to the tourist tax, we earned a total of just over 450 thousand euros and, according to our estimates, only cruise ship passengers paid between $ 200,000 and 250,000 euros to the treasury," said Kotor, adding at the same time that approximately the same results are expected this year.

As the general director of the port of Kotor, Branko Kovačević, at the moment in the Bay of Kotor, three liners plus one ship in the port can be parked at the same time. This means that the city of Kotor, which lives mainly at the expense of tourists from cruise ships, this year will be able to earn even more.

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