Kotor and Budva are flooded, the water level in the Bojana River is growing...

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The storm, accompanied by showers and wind, created a real chaos on the coast of Montenegro. Popular tourist towns of Kotor and Budva, which are located on the coast of Montenegro, are now flooded and resemble the famous Italian "city on the water" - Venice.

The main city square in Kotor, the entrance to the Old Town of Kotor, as well as part of the road along the embankment are completely flooded. A similar situation is observed in the city of Budva, in which a large amount of water spilled through the streets of Budva's Old Town. In addition, there is a danger of flooding the city of Ulcinj, because due to torrential rains the level of water in the Bojana River is constantly increasing.

As reported by radio Kotor, last night because of the flood in the Old Town of Kotor movement was able only with the help of metal pontoons. In addition, along the roads of the city of Kotor, the cars moved very slowly with extreme caution, so that the water did not get into the engine and the car did not stall in the middle of the flooded road.

In Budva, a large amount of water spilled through the streets of the Old City, and the embankment was closed due to heavy rains and a possible rise in the water level in the Adriatic Sea. According to the head of the Security and Rescue Service, Dragan Bozhovich, last night the water level in some parts of Budva reached 0.5 meters, which resulted in the flooding of the restaurant in the Old Town of Budva.

The melting of snow in the mountains of Montenegro because of the high temperature of the air, heavy rainfall, and a strong wind accompanied by high waves in the Adriatic Sea, caused a sharp rise in the water level in the Bojana River. At the moment, several restaurants and cottages, which are located on the right side of the Bojana River, are under water.

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