International Women's Day on 8 March

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Today in many countries of the world International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March!

On this beautiful spring day the representatives of the stronger sex congratulate their beloved girls, wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers on the International Women's Day and give them beautiful bouquets of flowers, various gifts, stuffed animals, cards and many compliments. On March 8, men tend to pay special attention and maximum care to their women, making them happy and letting them know that they are appreciated and loved.

Recall that in 1910 in Copenhagen, the 2nd International Conference of Working Women was held. During the conference, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Clara Zetkin, put forward the idea of ​​celebrating the International Women's Day, which would be celebrated annually on the same day in every country in the world. The purpose of this holiday, as K. Zetkin said, will be the struggle of women for their rights, as well as to achieve equality with men. In addition, it is believed that one of the prerequisites for the celebration of the International Women's Day was the first ever meeting of textile workers in New York, which was held on 8 March, 1857.

In 1975, according to the UN decision, this holiday acquired the official status of the "International Women's Day", after which it was celebrated in many countries of the world as the International Day for the Struggle for Women's Rights.

Women are a beautiful half of humanity, which fills our world with beauty, warmth, tenderness and love. Be sure to select the time today and certainly congratulate your girlfriends, brides, wives, moms, sisters and grandmothers on this beautiful spring holiday. Once again remind us how much they do for you and how much you love them.

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