House in Markovici (Budva) is a monument to a large landslide in Montenegro

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The family house Milivoja Markovic, which "slid" 3 years ago from its place during the great landslide that struck the coast of Montenegro near the city of Budva, still stands on a hill.

Despite the bad weather that has raged recently on the coast of Montenegro, the "crawled" house in the mountainous district of Markovici, everything also stands on its "new" place and attracts the attention of all residents and visitors of Montenegro who are traveling along the Budva-Cetinje road.

Recall that exactly three years ago, during a spontaneous and powerful landslide, descended on a mountain slope in the town of Markovici, almost 100 meters of the main road Budva-Cetinje were completely destroyed in just a few hours. Then Budva was "cut off" from the rest of the world, and the apocalyptic, horrific photos and videos of a ruined road, as well as cracks, several meters deep, flew all over the world.
Road Budva-Cetinje after a landslide in Montenegro in 2015
Local people who at that time lived in mountain settlements over the ruined road had to move to the coast to the city of Budva and the surrounding settlements and for five months they lived there while the road was being repaired.

Today, the House in Markovici (Budva, Montenegro) became a real monument of local residents for a large and devastating landslide, which was held in Montenegro in 2015. He still stands sloping on the side of the mountain, reminding people every day of what nature can do when we play and experiment with it...

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