20 new beaches will be built in the Bay of Kotor

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The coast of Montenegro, namely, the Bay of Kotor may become richer in more than 20 new beaches and bathing areas that will be created, improved and beautified the State Enterprise for Management of Marine and Coastal Zone of the Bay of Kotor. As representatives of the company informed, this large-scale project will be implemented within the framework of public-private partnership.

"New places for swimming are needed to expand the opportunities, development and promotion of the Montenegrin coast in the world tourism market, as well as to attract tourists from all over the world to Montenegro," - the representative of the maritime management company, Ivan Lazovich, said in a statement.

She also said that in more detail it is necessary to approach the planning and implementation of the expansion project for bathing zones in the Risan and Kotor Bay where most of the coast is under the protection of UNESCO and where, in particular, special attention should be paid to the protection of the environment and the preservation of cultural monuments heritage of Montenegro.

It should be noted that the Plan for the creation of temporary beaches and bathing areas in the coastal zone of the Boka Bay of Kotor, which was implemented from 2016 to 2018, had a total of 359 beach zones. Ivan Lazovic said that before the end of 2018, it is necessary to prepare a new plan for the development of the coast of Montenegro, which will comply with the new rules and will operate for five years. She also recalled that according to the current plan, the beaches of Montenegro are rented for three years, and from the next season the lease term will be increased to five years.

From 2016 to the present, due to the public call of the authorities to leas the beaches of Montenegro, from 330 to 350 different Montenegrin beaches were transferred to private hands and various companies, namely 102 beaches in Herceg Novi, 99 in Budva, in Bar - 44, in Ulcin - 41, in Kotor - 23 and 21 beaches in Tivat.

Each tenant, according to I. Lazovic, is legally obliged to release 50% of the beach area from sun beds and other beach furniture so that tourists can lay out their towels and rest for free. She also noted that in addition to public beaches in Montenegro, there are 5 city beaches, where the tenant also does not have the right to install his furniture (sunbeds, tables, chairs, etc.), and these are two beaches in Herceg Novi and Budva, and also one beach in Kotor.

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