The restoration of the city gate in the Old Town of Kotor is started

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The restoration of the city gate in the Old Town of Kotor has begun this week.

At the moment, the scaffolding and the anti-vandal net are covered by the main Sea Gate, the Gurdich Gate (or the South Gate) and the northern River Gate.

It is worth noting that for this project of reconstruction of the main Kotor gate, the Community of Italians in Kotor allocated funds in the amount of 78 000 euros. It is about cleaning and restoration of the gates in the Old City of Kotor, which means that the coordinate appearance will not change - only their original appearance will be returned, namely, the cleaning of the stone, the seams and the removal of damages.

As the architect Sasha Dender sais, Kotor municipality also participated in the reconstruction of the city gates in Kotor Old Town and, as a partner, would invest 20% in the project, namely 15 600 euros.

"Our partners are the Community of Italians in Kotor, the Municipality of Kotor, the Center for Protection and Archeology, and an Italian company that will carry out this restoration work under the patronage of the Center for Conservation and Archeology," S. Dender said.

Works on the reconstruction of the gates in the Old Town of Kotor will last until 1 June in accordance with the Decision on the prohibition of construction in Montenegro during the tourist season.

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