First Fish Market opened in Ulcinj

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Last week in the resort town of Ulcinj, which is located in the southern part of the coast of Montenegro, the first Fish Market is opened!

The fish market in Ulcinj was opened by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, Milutin Simovic, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Montenegro, Arne Sanesh and the Mayor of Ulcin, Nazif Tsungu.

The very idea, the preparation of the project and the construction of the fish market in Ulcinj is the result of a partnership between the government of Montenegro, the Kingdom of Norway and local government, which worked for all fishermen of Ulcinj, as well as for local consumers and tourists in these parts of the tourists.

"The opening of the fish market in Ulcinj will be the first step to creating a unified monitoring, tracking and safety system for fish products in Montenegro. The purpose of this project was to provide Montenegrin fishermen with a legal and safe place for the first sale of their catch, create all conditions for improving the level of food safety in terms of placing fish products, and improve state control over fresh fish trade in Montenegro,"Milutin Simovich said, adding that he is looking forward that the illegal sale of fish in the streets and on the sidewalks of Montenegrin cities will be finished with the help of this project.

He also noted that the construction of the fish market in Ulcinj is just one of those important projects through which the Government implements a large-scale and quite ambitious project for the development of fisheries and the entire fish industry in Montenegro.

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