The restoration of Damjianov Tower requires assistance of the authorities of Montenegro

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The restoration of the Kama Damjanov Tower, which is the visiting card of the town of Plav and Plavskoye Lake and which almost completely burned down last summer, requires state assistance, investors and local government officials reported.

The reconstruction and construction of the new tower requires about 1 million euros. The Turkovic family, which runs the ethno village of Komnenovo, is ready to take a mortgage for this amount from any state fund on bail ethno village and the future new tower.

It is worth noting that, before the fire, Damijanov Tower was quite ambitious and already adapted for this area hotel project, with hundreds of beds and many other services. It was a symbol not only of the city of Plav, but of the entire north-eastern part of Montenegro. The Turkovic family wants to build, or rather, restore the tower from the ashes, but they do not have enough money for such a large-scale project.

"Without a doubt, we will restore the Damijanov Tower, but without the support of larger investors and without the help of the state itself, we are unlikely to be able to recreate and build a completely new, interesting and attractive facility", - said Olga Turkovic from the ethno village of Komnenovo.

The secretary of the inspection work in the town of Plav, Rahman Markisic, said that the state should definitely find the opportunity and make every effort to reconstruct the Damianova Tower in the near future and put this facility into operation. In addition, in his statement he noted: "Not only in the city of Plav, but also in the north of Montenegro, there are not enough similar hotels with its unique history and architecture".

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