Heavy rains in Montenegro led to floods and landslides

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Heavy rains, which for several days fall practically throughout the entire territory of Montenegro, and in coastal areas are accompanied by a strong wind, caused floods and landslides.

Due to the heavy rainfall that literally hit Montenegro these days, a critical situation has arisen in the vicinity of Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevic settlements on the shores of Skadar Lake, as well as in several cities along the coast of Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor, as the level of water in the sea, rivers and lakes increased and it began to flood the streets and residential buildings.

Note that yesterday, the operational headquarters for the protection and rescue of the population from flooding warned that during the period from Friday to Monday in Montenegro, a record rainfall is expected, namely about 200 liters per square meter. Moreover, in the rainy regions of the country, the potential rainfall will be about 300 liters per square meter (!!!).

The Hydrometeorological Institute also reported that torrential rains are expected in Montenegro in the next four days, especially in the southern and central regions.

In the north of Montenegro, a decrease in air temperature is expected from Sunday, and snow and rain and snow in the higher mountain areas. Since today, the orange level of danger has been declared in the country.

In the village of Rijeka Crnojevica, the residential building, which is located on the very bank of the river, is flooded and is threatened with extinction. Also note that the water level in the river Crnojevica and Skadar lake continues to grow and water is already entering other houses that are located near the embankment
В районе Реки Црноевича жилой дом затоплен и находится под угрозой исчезновения
"If the rain continues to fall with the same intensity, then there is a high probability and danger that the river will completely flood nearby settlements," the president of Central Asia Rijeka Crnojevic, Peja Ivanovich, said on the radio of Cetinje. He added that even now the embankment of the city is flooded and it is expected that by the evening the water will reach all the houses on the embankment.

In addition, because of heavy rains, the water level in the Skadar Lake has increased by two and a half meters and continues to increase. It is reported that this morning the water has come very close to the city of Virpazar and if the rain continues, flooding of the streets of the city will be inevitable.

The city authorities advised the local residents to prepare: gas, torches, drinking water and food supplies just in case, and to transfer furniture and valuables from the lower floors of buildings to the upper ones or to transport them to other safe places. To evacuate the population from the flooded areas, rescue services and fire brigades in the city of Bar.

On the coast of Montenegro, torrential rains also occur for several days. In the city of Herceg Novi, despite the large amount of precipitation, there were no serious problems. According to the meteorological station in Igalo, from last night in Herceg Novi 82 liters of rain per square meter fell. In addition, at night and in the morning a strong wind blew from the east and south, the sea raged, and the waves reached a height of more than four meters.

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