The Adriatic Sea has subsided, the situation in Budva is under control...

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As the municipal service of the city of Budva reported, after yesterday's flood caused by torrential rain and a strong wind, today the situation in the city is completely under their control. At present, the weather has recovered a little, the rain has stopped, the wind has died down and the Adriatic Sea has receded.

Recall that yesterday in the resort town of Budva (Montenegro), because of heavy rains and strong winds, the Adriatic Sea left the banks and flooded the embankment, as well as nearby streets and houses, and meter waves carried to the square in front of the Old Town of Budva tons of sand and pebbles .

The rescue service, the municipal police and the municipal service of the city last night organized the installation of sandbags in the Old Town of Budva to prevent water from entering houses and restaurants. Workers and volunteers are still on the coast and are monitoring the situation. In addition, public service workers are working hard to clean the embankment and the area of ​​the Old Town and to ensure unimpeded movement of pedestrians.

It is worth noting that the Meteorological Service of Montenegro has already reported that on this night and Monday afternoon on the coast of Montenegro it is also possible to rain with thunder and strong gusts of wind.

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