A swimming pool for water polo was opened in Podgorica

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The construction of a pool for water polo in Podgorica was for us not only a matter of necessity, but also one of the projects for the development of a common culture and sport in Montenegro. In our state there should be more such public sports facilities that are necessary to attract citizens to sport and a healthy lifestyle, Podgorica Mayor Slavoljub Stiepovich noted at the inauguration of the indoor swimming pool on the territory of the Sports Complex "Moraca".

Note that this rather large sports project, worth more than 2 million euros, was first realized in Montenegro and with its opening Podgorica received an impressive object for further fruitful development of water sports in the region.

Expressing great satisfaction that the completion of the construction of this project in the shortest time created all the necessary conditions for the further development of one of the most successful sports in the history of Montenegro - water polo, the mayor also said that he is convinced for 100% that in this basin a new generation of Montenegrin water polo players will be created who will represent our country all over the world and continue to win medals of the highest standard.

"In addition, the opening of this sports facility in the capital of Montenegro will give us the opportunity to organize domestic and international competitions in water polo and swimming, thereby contributing to the promotion and strengthening of the potential of our capital and the state in the conduct of such sports events,"said the Mayor of Podgorica, Slaviljub Stiepovich.

In addition, on the territory of the Sports Complex "Moraca", near the pool for water polo, work is currently underway to build public multifunctional halls for sports, such as basketball, volleyball, handball, football and martial arts, as well as swimming pool .

Recall that for children under the age of 5 accompanied by parents, the entrance to the swimming pool is free, and for children aged from 5 to 12 years the cost of the pass is 1 euro, while the ticket price for an adult is 2.5 euros per hour use of the pool.

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