From deforestation in Montenegro, more damage than good...

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Currently, the Forestry in Montenegro, as it stands, is unsustainable and unacceptable, since the management costs of this economy are much higher than the incomes received from the involvement of the private sector and the concessions that have been collected, warned the Montenegrin Bird Protection and Research Center (BPRC).

Montenegro, in which forests occupy more than 60 percent of the entire territory, is one of the greenest countries in Europe after Finland, Sweden and Slovenia. Of the total number of forests, only 5.8% are located in the territories of national parks and reserves, thus being protected by the state. At the international level, under the law on specially protected natural areas, 8.8% of the Montenegrin forests are protected by the European Union, in which, despite the unique flora and fauna, and the exceptional value of biodiversity, tree felling is still allowed, said in BPRC.

"After Montenegro's accession to the European Union, most of the forests in the country will be under a special protection regime that operates under the international program Natura 2000, which will completely prevent the irrational management of forestry," the representative of the Center for the Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro said.

Over the past few years, from constant and uncontrolled deforestation in Montenegro, as statistics say, twice as many trees have suffered as a result of fires.

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