The northern regions of Montenegro are fallen with snow...

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This morning, the northern regions of Montenegro are literally fallen with snow, which made traffic on city streets difficult, and some roads were completely blocked.

Most of the snow fell in the town of Zhabljak - 57 centimeters, in Kolashin - 37 cm, in Shavník - 31 cm, the height of the snow cover in the Bijelo Polje was 26 cm, in the town of Plav - 25 cm, in Andrijevice fell 24 cm of snow , In Beranje - 23 cm, in Pluzinje - 15, in Niksic and Pljevja, snowdrifts reached a height of 12 cm, in Rozaje - 9 and in the city of Cetinje fell 4 cm of snow.

"The snow fell all night, and in the morning it went even harder." It's quite cold and there's a lot of snow in the street. "The municipal services are constantly cleaning the streets," residents of Zabljak said.

At the moment, traffic on the Niksic-Shavnik-Zhabljak road has been suspended for all categories of vehicles due to strong wind gusts and constant snowfall. Also, the Mioska-Semolje-Boan and Tresnevik-Andrijevica motorways are impassable, and the movement of trucks and cars with a trailer is prohibited on the roads of the Mojkovac-Bijelo Pole and Niksic-Pluzine.

In Bijelo Polje, abundant precipitation in the form of snow caused an increase in the water level in the Bystrica spring, so water for several days is not suitable for drinking.

The supply of electricity to all municipalities located in the north of Montenegro will be carried out continuously, there will be no disconnections or repairs in the near future.

At present, there is no risk of flooding throughout the country, but next week we expect a temperature increase and a new wave of precipitation. Today in the north of Montenegro it will be cloudy, cold and windy, and precipitation is expected again in some areas. In most of the continental regions of Montenegro, snow is expected, on the coast and in the lower regions of the country in the south there is a slight rain, and at night - wet snow.

The highest daily temperature in Montenegro will be between -7 and -9 degrees Celsius.

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