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According to some unofficial data, the fifth music festival Sea Dance this summer will also take place on the coast of Montenegro, but this time in the town of Buljarica.

It is reported that this year instead of the traditional and familiar Yaz beach near Budva, all dance music lovers will receive a no less large-sized beach Buljarica, which is located near the spa town of Petrovac.

This place was chosen as the best replacement for Jaz beach (the former venue of the music festival) after several months of consultations between the local administration of Budva and the company "Exit", which is the organizer of the music festival Sea Dance.

Mayor of Budva, Dragan Krapovic, did not confirm this information, but did not refute it. According to him, the authorities of the city and the organizer of the event will soon inform the public about all the details connected with this quite popular worldwide musical event. "In the next few days, we will organize a press conference where we will announce where this year the Sea Dance Music Festival will be held, and the exact date of the event will be named, and also we will tell all the details and answer all your questions", - D. Krapovich said.

Earlier there was also information that, instead of the middle of July, the Electronic Dance Festival of Sea Dance will be held in late August or early September.

Recall that over the past few years, the Sea Dance Dance Festival took place on the beach of Jaz, near the popular Budva resort, but in 2017, due to the property and legal problems with the owners of this territory, the organizers and local authorities decided change the venue.

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