The abandoned hotel AS in Montenegro resembles the Titanic

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Hotel AS, which is located on the Adriatic coast, in the area of ​​Perazic Do, near the spa town of Petrovac (Montenegro), this season also will not work ...

Due to unsuccessful privatization in the past and false guarantees from investors, the reconstruction project of this hotel was stopped, moreover, the case is still at the stage of legal proceedings. This abandoned hotel, which once housed about 400 excellent rooms and which hosted well-known and high-ranking guests from around the world, has been gradually destroyed over the past two decades and turned into ruins.

The history of the hotel AS, which once was the real pride of Yugoslavia, in many respects recalls the story of the famous liner "Titanic". Just as the world-famous ship came across an iceberg and went to the bottom, it seems that this hotel was abandoned by all people after it ran aground at the foot of the mountain in the village of Perazic Do.

Former employee of the AS hotel, Branislav Kralevich, told the Montenegrin news portal RTCG that the AS hotel was a real Titanic among all hotels and hotels not only in Yugoslavia, but also beyond. "It was a hotel unique in size, luxury and quality of service that did not last long and quickly sank," he said.

The sale of the AS hotel was one of the first privatizations in the hotel industry of Montenegro after the break-up of Yugoslavia. At that time, Nega turs, which owns the AS hotel, wanted to build a larger hotel in this place, but the construction was delayed and there was no opening even after 13 years, when the government of Montenegro terminated the contract.

Two years ago, the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro appealed to law enforcement agencies with a statement on the basis of which a criminal case was filed against six people, the owner of the Serbian-Russian company Nega turs, its deputies and other people responsible for construction, on suspicion that they had provided the Government Montenegro and the hotel group of the Budva Riviera, false guarantees of three million euros. The trial is still going on.

"Representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro are seeking to attract the attention of adequate investors to all hotels in the country that for some reason do not work or are not working at full capacity." Now the best solution for the AS hotel would be to return it to its parent company it belonged to the original, namely the Budva Riviera hotel chain", - the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro reports.

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