How to rent a house in Montenegro or other countries of the world and get back some of the money spent?

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We all know the company Booking and often use it when we are going on vacation or on a business trip and start using their service to find suitable accommodations and book the liked rooms in hotels and hotels, as well as houses or apartments in various cities and resorts around the world. Especially for you, we signed a partnership agreement with Booking company, through which we receive a certain commission from each of your reservation and share it with you!

Our service of search and booking of habitation will help you to return a part of the money spent ...

We are happy to inform you that this money back service when renting a home in any country in the world is already working and we suggest you use it by going to our website or by downloading the free application "Guide around Montenegro" on Google Play. At the moment the amount of return varies from 1% to 3%, depending on the chosen country and the paid hotel, but this commission will grow if the number of bookings increases.

Also you can use the services of our site in order to issue a reservation for any type of real estate, not only in Montenegro, but also in any other place on the planet. The refund of a portion of the cash in the form of bonus points will be effective for all services you have completed through our website or application.

How it works?

If you are using our website or the Montenegrin Guide and when you book a hotel room, villa or apartment for a few days, then after the booking company confirms your payment, you will receive back some of the money spent on renting a house. Note that the funds are returned in the form of a certain number of points that are credited to the bonus account of your account. These points can be spent on payment for goods and services on our site: order a taxi or transfer, rent a motorcycle or moped, order excursions, entertainments, purchase souvenirs, gifts and much more. Points can not be cashed.

In order to make it work, you must use the home search widget, which is located on the site and in the "Montenegrin Guide", and not directly through the official website of the Booking company (in the address bar there must be our partner code). In order to use the money-back service you need:

- Go to the site or download the free app "Guide around Montenegro" (Google Play) on your smartphone;
- Pass the registration stage;
- Go to the home search page;
- Enter the required data into the corresponding search lines;
- Click on the button "Find" - you will go to the Booking site, but already with our partner link;
- Choose the necessary hotel, house, apartments and make a reservation.

Further you will need to send us an e-mail to with the information about the purchase, specifying the full name, city, date and price for the reservation of the number, as well as the e-mail address that you indicated when registering on the site or in application. After that we will inform you the amount of the commission and credit to your personal account bonus points.

What can you do with the accumulated points?

1. Pay for cellular or mobile Internet in Montenegro;
2. To buy various souvenirs and gifts on our website and in the application;
3. Pay on the website goods and services provided by our partners in Montenegro (order a taxi or transfer, rent a motorcycle or moped, rent a bike, book excursions, pay for all kinds of entertainment).

Do not miss your chance! Take advantage of our services now and start saving on your travels from the first day :)

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