Komovi Natural Park - a chance for tourism development in Andrijevice

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The development of tourism in Komovi Park is an excellent opportunity to promote the entire region of Andrijevice, located in the eastern part of Montenegro. That is why, at present, along with the development of agriculture, the goal of the management of this region is the creation of the Komovi Nature Park, as well as the valorization (reassessment) of tourism resources and the protection of nature in this area.

The decision to create this company was taken at a meeting of the municipality of Andrijevica, where the head of the community, Miodrag Ivanovich, said that in order to implement the project, it is necessary to start working in the near future. "Andriyevitsa will still begin this promo campaign, despite the fact that the implementation of similar projects in other municipalities in Montenegro is delayed", - M. Ivanovich said.

This project, according to the head of the municipality, can become the main driving force and an excellent opportunity for the development of the Andrijevica district. One of the checkpoints will be built on the money received from a cross-border project implemented jointly with Albania. In addition, in order to best assess the natural resources of this area of ​​Montenegro, the project will use funds from the municipal budget.

Miodrag Ivanovich also noted that, thanks to the creation of the Komovi Nature Park, new jobs will be opened in the region, which in the future will help keep young people in the city.

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