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The dam hydropower plant (HPP) located in Montenegro on the Piva River, on the occasion of its 42nd anniversary, produced 365 GW of energy in the first quarter of 2018, which is 22% more than originally planned, the Montenegro electricity company reported.

"We have already achieved the result of 48.67 percent of the total annual power generation plan for this hydroelectric power station, which was achieved thanks to the good technical readiness of the plant, excellent interaction and harmonious work of all employees, as well as the entire Department for the maintenance and operation of the hydroelectric power station, thanks to to which all the hydrological conditions for electricity generation were used to the maximum in December of last year and in the first three months of this year. Given the current capacity and quantity already nak we can confidently say that this year will be one of the most successful for the production of electric power for the Piva hydroelectric power station", - the representatives of the energy company of Montenegro (EPCG) said.

They also noted that since its foundation the power plant on the Piva River produced a total of 31,704,574 MW/h of electricity, thereby ensuring the rapid development, stability and functioning of the entire energy system in Montenegro.

"The HPP on the Piva River is a fairly large hydropower type of the reservoir with the Mratine dam, which is one of the highest concrete arched dams in the world.The length of the water reservoir is about 40 km, and the useful volume is about 746 million cubic meters of water. any time and for any of the needs of the electricity supply system in full available water in the reservoir", - the EPCG reported.

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