Montenegro earned half a million euros for issuing vignettes to foreign vessels

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During 2017, a total of 464 domestic and foreign sea vessels entered the ports of Kotor Bay (Montenegro), with 531,572 passengers and 16,733 tons of cargo. This is evidenced by data from the records of the Port Authority of Kotor, as well as its branches in Tivat, Herceg Novi and Zelenika located in Kotor Bay, where most of the sea transport in Montenegro passes.

Last year, the Port Authority of Kotor issued a total of 3,501 vignettes * for foreign yachts, boats and speed boats, with a total of 18,511 passengers and crew members.

* Vignette for foreign yachts is a document that proves a timely notice of the arrival and registration of the yacht; the suitability of a sea ship for navigation; observance of all conditions of navigation on the internal and territorial sea of ​​the state, and also confirms that the captain of the yacht and crew members have the appropriate qualifications, property rights and all permits for its use in accordance with the national legislation of the flag State; payment of insurance, necessary contributions and a tax for the use of navigable waterways in Montenegro.

"Last year, the Port Authority of Kotor earned about 850 thousand euros, of which the bulk of the money, namely 504,951 euros, was received as a result of the issuance of vignettes to foreign yachts, boats and other sea vessels intended for sports and recreation," says in the application.

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