The construction of a fountain in the central square in Plevja

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After several unsuccessful attempts and tenders, the construction of the fountain in the central city square in Plevlja will be continued in the near future. This project will be implemented by the construction company "Ving" from the town of Pljevlja, and its cost will be 70 000 euros.

Recall that the construction of the fountain in Plevlja began in 2015, when the Tivat company "Pupović elektro" dismantled the old fountain and began to carry out the necessary earth and reinforced concrete works. Later, due to a financial dispute with the municipality, the company ceased to sponsor this project and the workers left the construction site.

Later, a second tender was held to continue construction of the fountain, with the help of which the company "Perošević" from Bijelo Polje was chosen. However, for unknown reasons, neither the workers nor representatives of the company even appeared in Plevlja and the contract was canceled ... The last contest was won by the company Ving (Pljevlja) as it provided the municipality with a ready project and the best proposal for the construction of this fountain in the central city square . That is why there is a chance that very soon the first outlines of a new fountain, worth about 70 thousand euros, will undoubtedly appear in Plevlja, which will undoubtedly adorn the center of the northernmost city of Montenegro.

It should be noted that the city fountain project is based on the conceptual design of young architects, Tamara Manojlovic and Nebojsa Stankovic, and is a stylized diatret (glass vessel) found in the Roman settlement of Municipium Es in Cominame, near the town of Plevlja.

The deadline for completion of all work is 60 days.

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