Guests from the cruise liners are delighted with the Old Town of Kotor

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This year, the cruise season in Montenegro began right after the New Year holidays and at the moment the seaports of Montenegro have already received 21 ships, of which 10 were cruise liners. It is also worth noting that during this time most tourists arrived in Montenegro from remote countries of the world, such as China and the United States of America.

A resident of Minnesota, who sailed to Montenegro on a cruise ship, told the information portal RTCG (Radio and Television of Montenegro) about how he visited the Montenegrin Old town of Kotor and that he was delighted with this ancient city located in the heart of Kotor Bay. "This is a wonderful place! I was especially fascinated by the fact that there is clean here and many old buildings that are in very good condition", - he said.

Tourists from Canada, Joe and Gale, were on an excursion, heard the story of a guide about Kotor and were impressed by its history, ancient traditions, local customs and the beauty of the Old City, which is protected by UNESCO. "Our country is quite young, and when we get so much information and interesting historical facts about other cities and countries of the world that existed several centuries ago, they simply start to fascinate you," Joe said. Gail also noted that she just fell in love with the appearance of the main square in the Old Town of Kotor and she really liked that there were many local tiny cafes and bars in which you wer expected and served as if you were a regular guest.

How important is cruising tourism for Montenegro is evidenced by the fact that the seaport in Kotor finished its work in 2017 with a profit of about one million euros. In the same year, the season of liners in Montenegro began already at the beginning of the year, when the first cruise ship with 3000 passengers and 1500 crew members arrived on the 4th of January in the Montenegrin port of Kotor.

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