The fortress gate of the Old Town of Kotor returns the former shine

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At the moment in the Old Town of Kotor (Montenegro) works are under way to preserve and restore the three fortress gates, namely: the main sea gate, Gurdic gates (or the South gate) and the northern River gates. The main goal of this reconstruction project is to restore the original historical appearance to the gates.

The project for the reconstruction of the city gate in the Old Town of Kotor, valued at 80,000 euros, was launched by the Italian Community in Montenegro in cooperation with the Municipality of Kotor, as well as with the consent of the Center for Conservation and Archeology of Montenegrin Historical Monuments and Monuments.

The layers of patina, which because of the high humidity accumulated on the fortress gates of Kotor for decades, are easily removed with the help of the latest non-invasive means and methods of cleaning, without at the same time harming the structure itself.

The president of the Italian community of Montenegro, Alexander Dender, told RTCG (Radio and Television of Montenegro) that active work is currently under way to clean and restore the former beauty of the oldest gates. "The fortress gates in the Old City of Kotor were very badly damaged, but I think that we will still be able to return at least some of the historical appearance that they once had," A. Dender said.

"Our main goal is to restore and preserve as much of the historical material that was used in the construction of the gate and the fortress wall," said the representative of the contractor, Derm Lazzari.

The reconstruction of the three gates in the Old Town of Kotor will be completed by the end of May.

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