Volunteers planted 850 seedlings in the Montenegrin parks Zlatiсa and Cemovsky

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This week, a non-governmental organization (NGO), Green Home, organized a tree planting campaign in the Montenegrin forest park Zlatiсa and the Cemovsky recreation park.

In the forest park in the vicinity of the town of Zlatica, 330 black-seeded saplings were planted, and in the Cemovsky forest park volunteers planted 520 seedlings of black pine and cedarwood.

It should be noted that representatives of NGO Off Road Adventures Montenegro, volunteers from NGOs Green Home, volunteers from the Montenegrin company Telekom, as well as volunteers from the gymnasium "Slobodan Škerović" and the school of geodesy "Marko Radević" also joined the action. In addition, they were joined by children from kindergartens "Dobra Vila" and "Mondo creativo".

"This voluntary action to plant seedlings in forest parks has been organized to protect the natural environment of Montenegro and to improve environmental conditions". Taking into account the many difficulties faced by the two natural parks in Montenegro, such as illegal tree felling and significant damage caused as a result fires, we believe that holding such events is an expedient, necessary and rather important action to improve the environmental situation in the country, cing non-governmental organizations and socially responsible companies engaged in similar environmental problems, "- told representatives of NGO Green Home

The total number of volunteers who were present in both tree planting campaigns was about 250 people.

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