Most of the beaches in Montenegro are ready for the tourist season

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Preparation for the upcoming tourist season is in full swing and, at the moment, most of the Montenegrin beaches are cleaned up, cleared of the effects of winter storms and ennobled, reported from Morsko Dobro, which manages the coast of Montenegro.

Currently, the State Enterprise for Managing the Coast of Montenegro is restoring the damaged coastal infrastructure, namely pedestrian paths, sidewalks, concrete beaches and pontoons, which are located mainly in the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Budva.

It should be noted that with the advent of the first spring days and warmer weather, the first vacationers and even swimmers have already appeared on Montenegrin beaches. Controllers from the management company Morsko Dobro visited some Montenegrin beaches on Sunday, taking advantage of the moment and making beautiful shots of the boundless Adriatic Sea and the coast of Montenegro, highlighted by the first rays of the warm April sun.

"Every year, on Earth Day, 22 April, the State Enterprise for Managing the Coast of Montenegro, Morsko Dobro is organizing a large-scale action to clean up unused coastal areas from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi, which is usually also attended by local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) volunteers, utilities and some private companies, "it was informed.

As a rule, in the first days of May, all the beaches in Montenegro will be fully prepared for meeting tourists and organized in terms of placing sea buoys, beach equipment, rescue towers, changing cabins, showers and all the other equipment necessary for every resident and guest country could comfortably enjoy the sea, the sun, the nature of the Mediterranean on a variety of beaches.

"From the first days of May, we will begin monitoring the quality of sea water on more than 100 beaches, as well as in various places for swimming, located throughout the coast of Montenegro. In addition, we will also install sensors for measuring sea, air, salinity and UV Budva, Bar and Kotor, all these data will be available on our website within two weeks, "representatives of Morsko Dobro said.

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