Fortress Forte Mare opens next week, the Tower of Kanli Kula - in May

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Fortress Forte Mare, which is located in the city of Herceg Novi, will be open for visitors as early as next week, and the opening of the Kanli Kula Tower (Blood Tower) is scheduled for early May, Radio Jadran reports.

"On the territory of both fortresses are placed indexes and information signs, and in all dangerous places, appropriate warnings are set up. In addition, access to electrical panels is blocked, all structures and additional equipment are securely attached, and in places where there is a risk of falling, , - noted in the management company Herceg Fest.

Herceg Fest also notes that the cost of tickets for a tour of Fort Mare Fortress and Kanli Kula Tower this year will not change and will be 2 euros for individual tours and 1 euro for group visits.

Fortress Forte Mare or Sea Fortress is planning to enter the list of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in the near future, and the fortress Kanli Kula or the "Bloody Tower" is waiting for the choice of the designer and further development of the reconstruction and protection project against landslides and other natural disasters that will stop destruction of this important historical monument in Montenegro.

Recall that last year, from 3 April to 31 October, Forte Mare Fortress was visited by slightly more than 25,000 visitors, and the Kanli Kula Tower took about 35,000 people.

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