Sand from the Sahara came to Montenegro

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At the beginning of the week, it was raining in various parts of Montenegro with sand having come from the Sahara desert.

This is a unique meteorological phenomenon. During the rain, the sand itself is not visible, but after drying, all cars become dirty and covered with a yellow coating, which must be washed off.

Car washes work full-time and this situation for Montenegro is not unusual, but quite alarming, meteorologists say.

"Currently, Montenegro is under the direct influence of this system, which causes the influx of warm air masses, and as a consequence, we have a very low level of precipitation, which contain a large concentration of sand from the desert," said meteorologist Branko Micev.

In addition to dirty rain and increased concentration of sand and pollen in the air, in some parts of Montenegro, especially on the coast, air temperature also increases. "So, for example, on weekends in Budva the air temperature approached the 30°C mark, and in Bar on Sunday the record air temperature in April for the last 60 years was recorded, which was 31-32 degrees Celsius," said Micev.

Dirty rain falls in Montenegro almost every year after winter. Sand from the Sahara is not dangerous to health and is a normal meteorological phenomenon that visits Europe two or three times a year.

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