Paradise for speleologist: four caves open in the Montenegrin city of Bar

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This season, for the first time in the speleological tourist guide of the resort town of Bar (Montenegro) will be included four new caves, which are expected to fully satisfy the tastes of visitors, especially those who seek the natural beauty of nature and the underworld of Montenegro.

According to the portal, these are Babatuša caves and Grbočica caves, caves in Trnovo and a cave in the Veljoj Gorani area.

Acting director of the Tourist Organization of Bar, Nede Ivanovic, said that two caves are expected to be fully prepared and open to visitors before the start of the tourist season. "We hope that speleological gourmets from all over the world will visit our caves and will be able to enjoy their natural beauty," she said.

The cave in Velo Gorani is located in the south-eastern part of Bar town and consists of an incline and a large cave hall. It is assumed that the metal staircase and the stone concrete road allow visitors to descend down to a depth of 60 meters, from where they will go to the Great Underground Hall, where they can get acquainted with the natural beauties of cave jewelry - stalactites and stalagmites. For this purpose, about 250 meters of track will be built and four stops with additional lighting.

The caves in the area of ​​Trnovo are located on the western slopes of the Gulf of the same name in the north-western part of the municipality of Bar. Here, visitors will be proposed various types of tourist offers, from visits to karst deposits and fascinating speleotourism to traditional excursion tours through the cave. For this purpose, more than one kilometer of underground paths will be built, leading from the village to each cave.

The central cave Babatusa is characterized by an extremely long and wide hall. The construction of a 135-meter underground road will allow visitors to move around the perimeter of a large illuminated hall.

For the highest cave of Grbocica, it is planned to build a 255-meter-long underground road with four stops and stationary electric lighting. In addition, with the help of 27 spotlights and various reflectors, visitors will be presented in all their glory with all the natural values, as well as the richness and diversity of cave decorations.

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