The Podgorica City Theater has a supporting structure for the roof

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On the building of the Theater of the city of Podgorica, a steel supporting structure for the roof is installed and, at the present time, it fixes the profile. At the same time, the installation of electrical wiring, installation of hydro and heat equipment, as well as work on noise insulation, plastering of walls and installation of additional equipment.

"In the near future, relevant tenders will be announced for the selection of the best contractors for interior design and decoration, and we will also hold a special tender to select high-quality and modern stage equipment." Construction works are on schedule and it is expected that everything will have been completed by November this year, " - said the authorities of the capital.

According to the plan, in the Podgorica City Theater, on a total area of ​​3560 square meters, there are underground floors, a ground floor and three more floors above. Two theater scenes will be created in the building. The main stage of the theater is designed for 250 seats, 198 of which will be in the stalls, with two seats for people with disabilities and 53 on the balcony. A small stage theater will be located in the basement of the building and will be designed for 146 seats, 132 of which will be done in the stalls and 16 on the balcony.

"The construction works are going according to plan.It should be noted that the future building of the city theater will have all the necessary equipment and amenities for the full-fledged work of the modern theater," the management company said.

The cost of the construction of the City Theater in Podgorica is 3 905 450 euros, excluding the purchase of appropriate equipment, which will be the subject of a separate tender currently under preparation. The total cost of works will be about 6 million euros, which are provided in the budget of the capital of Montenegro.

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