Four hotels in Tivat are interested in obtaining an environmental certificate

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The municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Tourism Organization, within the framework of the international project "Development of low-carbon" green "tourism, are implementing a program in Montenegro to encourage and support local hotels to receive international environmental certificates: EU Eco Sign and Travelife.

During the public campaign "Let's make Tivat a stable tourist destination", four Tivat hotels expressed interest in obtaining these environmental certificates: Helada, Magnolija, Palma and Astoria.

It was decided that by the end of 2018, the four hotels that had entered the incentive and development program would coordinate their work with the principles of the "green" business and would eventually receive an international quality mark, thanks to the joint resources of the partners.

The criteria that hotels must meet for obtaining EU Eco Sign and Travelife environmental certificates are in line with international and environmental policies, and include the rational use of energy and water, the development of active tourism and healthy lifestyles, cooperation with the local community , continuous staff training and joint activities with guests and visitors.

The availability of these certificates from hotels is a comparative advantage in the international market, for example, in cooperation with world tour operators, attracting tourists from Western and Northern Europe, etc.

The awarding of environmental certificates of sustainability to four hotels in Tivat will be a great success for the city and a significant incentive for the sustainable development of tourism in Montenegro as a whole and will undoubtedly encourage other tourism industries to act in harmony with nature and the environment.

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