The island-fortress Mamula is opened only for workers

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Access to the fortress of Mamula and the island of Lazavica is closed to all residents and visitors of Montenegro and is open only to workers who clean the island's territory and carry out all the preparatory work necessary to begin the planned reconstruction of the building carried out in accordance with urban planning, as well as technical and environmental requirements , said in a statement to the management company Mamula.

"There have been several reasons for this decision, since the most important is prevention, because in another way it is not possible to provide security, primarily visitors, as well as this important historical place." We already had examples of the destruction of the fact that we already made on the island of Mamula - from the destruction of protective covers on the wells, damage to fortress walls and destruction of stone buildings that belong to the fortress, to breakage of the delivered scaffolding and other temporary equipment needed for the rekon The structure of the fort OHM Mamula (Montenegro), which is the legal owner of this place, has all permits for the preparatory work, as well as a feasibility study of these preparatory works, due to which it has the right to prohibit the access of unauthorized persons to the fortress island of Mamula", - said Draganа Bechirovich, a public relations consultant of OHM Mamula, Montenegro.

This decision will remain in effect until all preparatory and construction work is completed.

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