Temperature records were broken in April in Podgorica, Ulcinj and Herceg Novi

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This year, in the Montenegrin towns of Podgorica, Ulcinj and Herceg Novi, April was the warmest month since the beginning of the temperature measurements, namely since 1949.

In April, the beaches on the coast of Montenegro were filled with tourists and locals, many of whom even opened the swimming season due to unusually high temperatures. The temperature of the air in April reached 32-34 degrees Celsius on the coast, and the sea temperature was about 22 ° C, so all the beaches from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi were filled with vacationers and guests of Montenegro.

"The days when the temperature reaches or exceeds 30 degrees Celsius are considered tropical. Montenegro recorded 18 days in April, during which the air temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius and higher, which is more typical for the summer months.The previous record was in 2007, when 16 days of April there was a temperature of more than 25 °C, "said meteorologist Dusan Pavicevic.

Dusan Pavicevic also noted that the absolute April temperature maximum was broken in Podgorica. "The previous temperature record of the capital of Montenegro in April 32.4 ° C (2013) was exceeded and now is 33.2 degrees Celsius". In addition, in April of this year in Podgorica, the highest average minimum air temperature was recorded.

Temperature records of April were also broken in other cities located on the coast of Montenegro. In Ulcinj, the absolute record for April was recorded, when the thermometer stopped at 32.4 degrees Celsius.

In Herceg Novi, where the air temperature in April has never exceeded 30 °C, this year it happened three times for three days in a row. At the moment, the temperature record in April in Herceg Novi is 30.8 degrees Celsius.

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