The government allocates 300 000 euros for the Sea Dance, and the festival itself moves to Buljarica

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The Government of Montenegro at its regular session decided to allocate 300,000 euros for the international music festival Sea Dance this year.

The previous four Sea Dance festivals took place on the beach of Jaz, which is located near the popular resort town of Budva, while the fifth dance Open Air Sea Dance will also take place on the Adriatic coast, but in the Buljarica area from August 30 to September 1, 2018.

"It is very important to emphasize that the transfer of the most important music festival, which takes place every year in Montenegro, is of major international character and contributes significantly to the development, promotion and popularization of the country, at the end of the summer will give us the opportunity to extend the tourist season in the country, our directions in this period of time and, thus, favorably influence the entire Montenegrin tourist economy," the Government of Montenegro said.

The municipality of Budva, as well as the Government of Montenegro, will allocate 300,000 euros from the budget for organizing and hosting the Sea Dance Festival in Bulyaritsa this year.

"The municipality of Budva has allocated funds for the development of infrastructure in the area of ​​the music festival Sea Dance in Buljarisa: the complex site preparation, the solution of all questions about wastewater at the venue of the festival, the organization of parking, the design of the road, the construction of an electrical substation, says the government document.

It is worth noting that the total income of the economy of Montenegro since the beginning of the Sea Dance Festival has amounted to more than 36 million euros, and budget revenues - more than 6 million euros. It is assumed that in the period from 2017 to 2026, thanks to the Sea Dance Festival, Montenegro will earn more than 29 million euros.

The Government of Montenegro notes that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism has not conducted any studies and assessments on this issue, nor do they know that other state bodies did this. All data on actual revenues from the festival, as well as financial forecasts for the next ten years, are based only on information received from the organizer of the Sea Dance festival.

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