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Montenegro is a popular country for summer holidays with tourists from the CIS countries. Warm pleasant climate, clean sea, picturesque nature, wide well-groomed beaches, a lot of attractions and entertainment for every taste, hospitable people, developed tourist infrastructure, affordable prices - all this is only a small part of the advantages of recreation in Montenegro.

They come here for comprehensive enrichment - cultural, spiritual, physical. The resorts of Montenegro are popular with young people and age tourists, families with children and those who travel alone. The country welcomes guests all year round at the best sea and ski resorts. The only thing that can bring some inconvenience to the tourist is the transport system.

Features of the transport system in Montenegro

Due to the peculiarities of the terrain, Montenegro is not divided by roads along and across, and in addition to the levels of rectilinear highways there are also complex serpentine roads. Railway communication is only between several cities. Both the local population and incoming tourists usually choose between three modes of travel: buses, taxis, own/rented cars.

- Buses are the most budgetary, but the least comfortable way to travel around the country. Choosing this option, tourists lose a lot of time: waiting for transport, at stops along the route, etc.
- Taxi is a comfortable, but quite expensive option. There are often cases of "cheating" of tourists, especially at airports, when for the way to the city a couple of kilometers many are ignorantly paid by the taxi drivers demanded 20 euros or more.
- Car rental is the most optimal option for those who have a driving license. In this case, a tourist can enjoy complete freedom of movement and lack of binding to any schedules. The cost of a daily rental car is like one trip by taxi, and you can rent a car today virtually any city in Montenegro.
Rental service in Montenegro is currently very well developed: for tourists, all paper procedures have been simplified as much as possible, modern comfortable cars and favorable rental conditions are offered. One of the largest rental services of cars with a good reputation, aimed at Russian-speaking tourists - the company Sit'n Go.

The advantages of renting cars in the company "Sit and Go"

Having decided to apply to the company Sit and go, the guests of Montenegro receive the following advantages:

- Choice from a huge number of new, serviced and insured cars of various classes - small cars, minivans, convertibles, SUVs;
- Possibility of booking a vehicle without making a deposit and prepayment;
- Russian-speaking staff;
- Possibility to take and return the car in any convenient city or airport in Montenegro;
- Low cost of rent, discounts and pleasant bonuses;
- Unlimited mileage and free inclusion in the contract of the second driver;
- Absence of restrictions on travel to neighboring countries - Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- A wide range of additional free options and services: provision of children's chairs, meeting at the airport, delivery to the hotel, etc.
- Fast, simple and understandable rental procedure, a variety of methods of calculation for the convenience of customers.

Cognitive excursions, exciting routes, conquest of cities, mountains, caves, canyons, inspiring landscapes and fishing in picturesque places in full blending with nature - thanks to affordable car rental services it's so easy to afford a quality and diverse holiday in Montenegro!

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