Otvorena pješačko-biciklistička staza u rezervatu prirode Solila

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In the Solil reserve, located near the resort town of Tivat, the sports run "SOLILA KROS 2018" was held, in which about 80 pupils of all classes of the elementary school "Branko Brinić" from the village of Radovici took part. Children competed in five categories among boys and girls, and throughout the course the race participants were supported by their friends, relatives, parents and teachers. Winners and other participants of the competition received diplomas, letters of appreciation, medals and other gifts, which the organizer of this event, the State Enterprise for the Management of Coastal Regions of Montenegro, provided.

This sporting event marked the opening of pedestrian and bicycle paths, a total length of which is about 1.5 km. In addition to all sorts of cleaning and organizing the tracks, the grass was cut all the way, planks on the bridges were replaced, bins and benches were put up, and information signs were installed in the Tivat Solila reserve.

It should be noted that all the works in the Botanical Park Tivatskaya Solila, the cost of which is about 28 000 euros, was conducted by the company "Fides" from Podgorica and completed everything on time, thus giving residents and visitors of Montenegro access to this oasis of unspoilt nature, which is an asylum for various and quite rare species of birds.

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